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your most magical life!...

I know you...I was you! I felt lost and restless, questioning everything, not feeling comfortable in my own skin. I had absolutely no idea what to do about it or where to turn. I was barely getting through each day and constantly felt like my life was wasting away with no purpose. Fast forward to the present moment - my life is unrecognizable and you couldn't have convinced me even just a year ago that this is where I'd be, this is what I'd be doing and that this is how f*cking amazing I would feel! Talk to me, tell me what I can do for you! The Universe has brought you here for a reason - I'M HERE JUST. FOR YOU!   And guuuuuurl, I want to show you how to find your MAGIC!

...Your path awaits!

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“I can’t wait to spend more time with this magical healer!”
— Allie M., Indiana
“Amy is a true intuitive and a channeler for healing.”
— Yulia Azriel, Indiana
“What a life changer!!!!”

— Bonnie B., Florida
“I was transported to an inner world of colors and space for healing.”
— Sara Steffy McQueen, Indiana

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