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How does the referral program work?

If you refer a friend for any of my services - after your friend books and pay - YOU receive 11% off your next purchase with me! Just make sure your friend mentions your name when they book with me.  When you refer 5 of your friends - after they book and pay - YOU receive a single session of your choosing for FREE! Pretty sweet huh?! 


what is this 'wildly delicious' thing?

One of my deep passions is empowering and supporting women in their quest to love and rock their bodies! As a gorgeously curvy badass woman over 40, I have discovered how incredibly important it is to fall  in love with, and be deeply grateful for, the body I am in right. now. - just. the way. it is! Because I have experienced body-positivity struggles first hand, I feel called to create a community of sisterhood and support for women of every color, shape, and size and encourage and empower all women to love and rock your body! You will be seeing 'Wildly Delicious Life Coaching', a 'Create a Wildly Delicious Life' Workshop, 'Wildly Delicious Yoga', a 'Wildly Delicious' FB Group and so much more. If you want to stay in the know about all things 'Wildly Delicious' click HERE and be sure to check the 'Wildly Delicious' box!