As I was on my walk this morning I had a thought - everything in nature is its completely authentic self. And everything in nature automatically lives in the present moment. The owl doesn't try to grow antlers like a buck, the fir doesn't try to stand mighty like an oak, the lemon doesn't try to taste sweet like a mango, the sunflower doesn't try to be red like a rose, and the rock doesn't try to flow gently like the creek. Everything in nature thrives in all of its authentic glory, with pride and complete abandon. In nature there is no agonizing over the past, or worrying about the future - there is only the present. The right here...and the right now. 

So often we get caught up in what we think other people think about us or what we're doing. Or we start judging ourselves - questioning everything! Wondering who we are, or who we should be. We get frustrated when we don't know all the answers, when we're unsure of the path to take. And really, we only need to focus on one step at a time. Right here...right now...this step.

So today I'm working on slowing down. On remembering that whatever I'm doing right now is my life's purpose - whether it be brushing my teeth, or coaching a client, or doing laundry, or writing this post. Reminding myself to be unapologetically me - shining my light, thriving in all of my authentic glory, with pride and complete abandon. I'm fully present, free of worry, and performing every task to the very best of my ability...