Reiki Therapy


Reiki is a simple, natural, safe and powerful form of energy healing. Through a series of hand placements the Practitioner channels high-vibrational life force energy through their hands and into the Client promoting and accelerating the body’s natural healing abilities. Reiki treatments can feel like a glowingly radiant shower of warm enveloping energy that flows through and around you. These treatments treat the whole person including body, mind, heart, and spirit igniting beneficial effects that include relaxation, feelings of peace, happiness, and well-being. Other benefits of Reiki include opening the heart, promoting clarity, releasing toxins, creating a sense of inner balance, clearing creativity blocks, inciting feelings of empowerment, unblocking and balancing chakras, and so much more. Treatments are a powerful addition to any spiritual practice, and the benefits of Reiki are truly immeasurable. Reiki is a method of  healing and self-improvement that has no religious affiliation and that absolutely everyone can use and benefit from - even if you have no spiritual or religious beliefs or practices.

Simply put...REIKI IS BADASS! 


Nope, ya not gettin' naked! You will stay fully clothed, either sitting comfortably in a chair or laying on your back or belly on a treatment (massage-type) table. Sessions will last from 22-44 minutes and are completely customizable to your wants and energetic needs. I perform Reiki through a series of either light-touch hand-placements or hovering of my hands over the your body – whichever makes you the most at ease and comfortable. The hand placements will be non-invasive, never intrusive or inappropriate, nor will there be any pressure placed on your body with my hands. 


I know it sounds a little woo woo...ok, it sounds A LOT woo woo - but I discovered that when I sync my energy to the energy of someone else through Reiki, I can receive images, feelings, and/or messages. Through a healing attunement (which allows you to open up to receive all of the many blessings of your Reiki experience), spiritually soothing music, vibrational crystal energy, aromatherapy using essential oils, high vibrational sounds, and channeling Reiki energy, I am able to help bring clarity, direction, and guidance to my Clients. How f*ckin awesome is that?! Have I mentioned that Reiki is BADASS?! Click HERE to schedule your session now!


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Healing Reiki Therapy - in person, via FaceTime, or FB video

Bliss Blast - 22 minute session $22

Bliss Bomb - 44 minute session $44

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If you are looking for clarity, insight, and/or messages from your guides all from the comfort and convenience of your own home, this is for YOU!

Intuitive Bliss Blast 22 minutes of blissful Reiki healing, intuitive reading, and discussion $33

Intuitive Bliss Bomb - 44 minutes of blissful Reiki healing, intuitive reading, and discussion $55

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Experience blissfully magical Reiki healing created through a healing attunement, crystal energy, aroma and sound therapy all within a relaxing and tranquil setting that will leave you feeling completely blissed out PLUS receive an intuitive reading and discussion!

Intuitive Bliss Blast - 22 minutes of blissful Reiki healing, intuitive reading, and discussion $44

Intuitive Bliss Bomb - 44 minutes of blissful Reiki healing, intuitive reading, and discussion $77



Fierce 4 - choose ANY 4 sessions (Reiki and/or Life Coaching) and receive 11% OFF

Sassy 6 - choose ANY 6 sessions (Reiki and/or Life Coaching) and receive 22% OFF

Epic 8 - choose ANY 8 sessions (Reiki and/or Life Coaching) and receive 33% OFF

Transformative 10 - choose ANY 10 sessions (Reiki and/or Life Coaching) and receive 44% OFF