Spiritual Life Coaching


A Spiritual Life Coach uses a Client’s deep-rooted spiritual belief system and principles to help them connect on a deeper level to discover the personal power they hold within. A Spiritual Life Coach teaches you how to work with the laws of the Universe to get you everything you want out of life instead of just accepting that whatever happens is completely out of your control. Spiritual life coaches are people who themselves live outside societal parameters, can see beyond every-day logic, and live by their own spiritual principles. They know how to make magic and miracles happen, have a unique perspective of life, and possess the tools and passion to teach others how to unlock their inner power.  Their purpose is to help others learn how to harness that power and use it to transform dreams into reality.  Many people may confuse Spiritual Life Coaches with religious leaders, but they are very different. You don't have to be religious to work with a Spiritual Life Coach and you don't have to have any kind of 'belief' system for Spiritual Life Coaching to work for you. What you do need is an open heart and mind and a willingness and desire to deepen your connection with your spirit and soul.


I work with women in all stages of life who may be seeking life transformation, encouragement, support, guidance, mentoring or who sometimes just need someone willing to walk next to them while they bravely take the steps toward the magically badass life they deserve. It is my goal for every woman to feel loved, supported and empowered to do absolutely anything they want. Click HERE to schedule your session now!

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All life coaching sessions include the option of  receiving a Bliss Blast Reiki session at no extra charge.

20-minute Consultation - FREE

60 -minute Session - $88



Fierce 4 - choose ANY 4 sessions (Reiki and/or Life Coaching) and receive 11% OFF

Sassy 6 - choose ANY 6 sessions (Reiki and/or Life Coaching) and receive 22% OFF

Epic 8 - choose ANY 8 sessions (Reiki and/or Life Coaching) and receive 33% OFF

Transformative 10 - choose ANY 10 sessions (Reiki and/or Life Coaching)and receive 44% OFF