What My Clients Are Saying...

"Amy gave above and beyond what I would expect in a healing session. She channeled my Spirit Guide while giving me a Reiki Healing at the same time! The clear messages that came through helped me profoundly with some health challenges I was dealing with, along with giving me clarity about upcoming travel plans and business projects. The healing room felt like being at a cozy spa, and she also used Aromatherapy throughout my session. Amy Kimmel is the "Real McCoy" and a 3-in-1 healer. I highly recommend experiencing her gifts."

— Jai Maa, Author/facilitator/minister

"Receiving the Reiki session from Amy, the Wise Woman, was a true blessing to me. My whole body relaxed at the deepest level as I felt a profound sense of trust of being in Amy's wise presence. I loved holding a smooth amethyst crystals in my hands that emanated so much energy that I've never felt from a crystal before. The guidance that I received came at exactly the perfect time...After hearing Amy's messages that she received from connecting to my guides, I felt empowered to speak my truth...Amy is a true intuitive and a channeler for healing. I highly recommend her services to anyone looking for more clarity, emotional healing or just a word of advise from the Wise Woman!"

— Yulia AzrieL

"I was ready to receive the "full" treatment...I was transported to an inner world of colors and space for healing. Everything I experienced was lovely, from the comfortable sanctuary she has created, to the music in the background, to my own inner experiences. Amy also added an intuitive reading...which was profoundly connected to my own feelings. I highly encourage you to give this gift to yourself."

— sara steffey Mcqueen

"I had the honor of having a distance Reiki session where Amy introduced me to my Spirit Guide!...Time stood still and flew by all at once, and when she brought me back I was SO blissed out! Amy started describing my guide, and things started clicking immediately...I felt validated in so many ways!...My time with Amy was a valuable investment, emotionally and physically. I can't wait to spend more time with this magical healer!"

— Allie M.

"I bought a life coaching session package with the intent to work on a couple issues I was going through. By the end, Amy showed me a whole new perspective such that I found that what I truly needed to focus on was totally different from what I started out doing! What a life changer!!!...So worth it!!!"

— Bonnie B.

"I wasn't sure what to expect with Reiki but wanted to try it because I had heard some interesting things...through the whole process I got so much more out of it than I ever thought possible! Can't wait to schedule another session!"

— Anonymous